Art & Craft

Fostering creativity won’t just increase child’s chances of becoming the next Artist…we are also helping him/her develop mentally, socially and emotionally makes strong. Creating art may boost your children ability to analyze and problem solving myriad ways. As kids manipulate a paint brush, they fine motor skills improve by counting pieces and colours, they learn basic math.  When children experiments with materials they dabble in science.  Most important perhaps what kids feel good while they are creating are helps boost self confidence and children who feel are able to experiment and to make mistake feel free to invent new ways of thinking which extends well beyond the  art craft room.


Music is the medium, through which one can express his/her thoughts and feelings. It is the sum total of the experiences and emotions which are not bound by time, community and rationality. It is the universal language of the pious souls of all times and places.


Admission Open for the year 2021-2022

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