From Thoughts to Actions…

Almost half of India’s population resides in rural areas, holding the real potential for a transformation. We usually imagine a transformation to be associated with infrastructural development, but it is education that holds the key to make a real societal change. Very few individuals actually realize this potential and are able to bring about a meaningful impact for the society.Like in the body of human being liver is responsible for the proper functioning of the body, in the same way education acts a backbone for the development of a nation.

We, at R. M. Shah Public School, believe that each student has a distinct personality and possess good learning ability and thus they need personalized attention to ensure their success. Our motto has been to offer equal chances to every student irrespective of their background. We believe that each student needs to be guided in a customized manner to make him or her academically, socially and morally responsible.In order to promote this vision, R. M. Shah Public School has undertaken this noble work to impart education in the vicinity of Indi. We will continuously strive to embark and instigate excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics (3 As) in our students.

All stakeholders- Management, Principals, Teachers, Parents, community groups, government organizations etc. need to delve together to uplift students and recognize them as a useful resource in mending the future of India. Hence this INDI to INDIA campaign initiated by team RMSPS needs constant support for the enhancement of quality education, not only for the region but also for the overall progress and development of the country.

R. M. Shah Public School, Indi will leave no stone unturned to deliver Quality and Excellence in Education….

Best Wishes

Parveen Jamadar
R M Shah Public School


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